Got plans October 14th? Yeah, you do: It involves shoving slab after slab of glistening, aromatic, freshly-cooked bacon into your salivating mouth-hole. Yes, The Brooklyn Bacon Takedown is back for its fourth anniversary bacon explosion at The Bell House. This will sell out, so we're letting you know about it now in order to make the appropriate preparations. like buying tickets, ironing your best bacon necktie, and picking up Kevin Bacon from the airport.

This is all made possible by overeating impresario Matt Timms, who's made his mark on waistlines nationwide with various gluttonous events like the Chili Takedown, the Cookie Takedown, the Fondue Takedown, and the World's Biggest Jerk Off. Yeah, he's in the takedown game. And he's knows what the people want:

Bacon Takedown @ Casselman's from Focus 4 Design on Vimeo.

Tickets (available here soon) cost $15 and entitle the purchaser to unlimited bites of bacon prepared by a small army of self-taught chefs, all competing for the title of Bacon King or something. Who cares, you're just there to eat a scandalous amount of bacon, right? But if you want to throw your meat in the ring, there are five more slots open for aspiring chefs; each will be supplied with 15lbs of Hormel Black Label Bacon to use for their "funnest bacon-crazed ideas."