Santorini Grill, on Grand Street in Williamsburg, has now had a full week running its "pay what you feel" menu, and it's been going well so far. Though we've already talked about the logistics, we decided to head over around dinner time this week, and according to the owner, Paula Douralas, "no one's been abusing" the deal so far. In fact, "if it keeps going like this then I'm not stopping."

We got our grub on and we're able to confirm that the food is tasty—nothing four-star but certainly worth a trip. The service is friendly—lots of smiling teeth—and there's really wonderful live music: Thursday night was ambient jazz, but on Friday and Saturday nights it's, well, old school Greek. After having two glasses of sangria, two entrees, and a hummus appetizer, Douralas—who chats with the clientele quite a bit, making sure the experience is up to snuff—delivered a complimentary homemade yogurt and grape dessert which we devoured quickly.

When the bill came, we weren't totally sure how to estimate the worth of our meal. Food isn't priced on the menu, and they don't give you a suggestion on the check. You're charged for the alcohol (around $13 for two glasses of sangria), but what you leave for the food and tip is up to you. We kept feeling like we weren't leaving enough and finally settled on $45.

The best part of the evening though was when Douralas came by our table and asked us if we knew of someone who needed a job. As it happens, our dinner guest was in fact looking for employment. So she'll be starting there on Saturday—though it's unclear if she'll be getting "paid what she feels."

167 Grand Street // 718-388-3668