As we've mentioned, if you are around Grand Central tomorrow and looking to satisfy your sweet tooth you'll likely want to check out Semi-First Lady Sandra Lee's "World's Largest Bake Sale," an event featuring food from spots ranging from Del Posto and Ciao Bella Gelato, to the Manhattan Chili Company, Murray's and Zaro’s, with the proceeds benefiting The Food Bank of New York. And speaking of Sandra Lee...did you realize that when she first saw Andrew Cuomo, she thought he was muscular?

That tidbit is in New York magazine's epic profile of the former QVC saleswoman and current girlfriend to Governor Cuomo. And no matter what you think of the woman, you have to give her credit for jumping all in to the public service side of her new role. Using her celebrity—and the nearby presence of the press—in the story's opening she managed to persuade Tyson to triple its protein donation to the Food Bank of New York for 10,000 pounds each for six Food Banks to 30,000 each.

Other interesting tidbits gleaned include the fact that she doesn't mind the constant taunting from Anthony Bourdain ("It's just shtick, so I can't even be mad at him.") and the fact that, according to Lee, the whole Lasagna-gate fight between her and Matilda Cuomo was just tabloid nonsense (“We laughed about it ... But I have to say, if you’re going to have a scandal, Lasagna-gate is genius.”).