Sandra Lee, the Semi-Homemade mogul and Governor Cuomo's girlfriend, gave advice on prepping for Hurricane Sandy before the storm hit. After the damage, Lee has been busy organizing relief efforts—she served meals at the Bowery Mission on Saturday and she's been reaching out to corporations to donate food and other goods. But did you also realize that she and the governor don't have power at their Mt. Kisco home?

Lee told the Journal News, “No one has power. Andrew has been eating cold, hard-boiled eggs, I know, because I make it for him.” The newspaper spotted her at Salsa Fresca and also found out that the couple, who live in Mt. Kisco with Cuomo's daughters, have a generator.

Lee wasn't dwelling on her situation, "I am trying to get food trucks to deliver to food banks in Queens. Everyone’s suffering." And other donations from Sears, K-Mart, and Tyson Foods have come in!

Don't worry—she's still on the lookout for great alcoholic drinks: