The controversial 11-day San Gennaro festival kicked off yesterday with a new world record. And while some NoLIta neighbors still seem miffed that the Feast is hurting their business, people at the festival certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves. As one manager was moaning to the Post that “There was nothing but hammering and sawing since they set up,” Chicago's Patrick Bertoletti was off breaking the world cannoli-eating record by chowing down on 32 of the desserts in six minutes!

"That was probably more cannolis than I've eaten in my whole life," the 26-year- old eater told the Daily News. "I felt sick halfway through, but I had to keep going." For his effort he got a box set of Pavarotti music and a trophy. You can see the fun right here:

Meanwhile, the Post continues to try and emphasize the trouble the Feast has with its chic neighbors on the northern end of Mulberry Street. To that end they managed to get a slew of quotes meant to fan the flames of social discord...But we not really sold on the idea that precious quotes like "People eat, and then they want to come in and touch anything. We have to tell people there is no food allowed in the store" are going to make much of a difference either way.