If you go to Dinosaur Bar-B-Q up on West 131st Street in Harlem, you will have your choice of many saucy, porky specialties. (And there is beef brisket...mmm, brisket...) But Gothamist's favorite would have to be the "Swag Sampler Plate" which allows you to try spicy shrimp, deviled eggs, fried green tomatoes, and chicken wings. The chicken wings are quite exceptional, tender and juicy, with the right amount of BBQ sauce on them. We had these with one of the many much-stronger-than-you'd-think fruity drinks (there's even one called a Donkey Punch!) and was about to call it a day...but then our plate of ribs and brisket, with salad and mac & cheese sides came, so we downed an Zantac and continued on.

If you go to Dinosar Bar-B-Q, make a reservation. And get there maybe ten minutes before your time, because it can get very crowded on weekend nights.