There was a brief moment in September when it seemed as if the reopening of April Bloomfield's Salvation Burger was imminent. Rumors swirled that the restaurant would be opening as early as October following a fire that "severely damaged" the kitchen back in May.

It was not to be, alas, but October's loss is December's gain, as word's come down the pike that Salvation will officially return next Monday. The spendy $25 burgers—along with their $17 siblings—are back on the menu for lunch and dinner beginning December 5th, joined by the veggie burgers, dogs and sides.

Bloomfield—who runs popular gastropub Spotted Pig, in addition to a collection of other NYC eateries with business partner Ken Friedman—has kept busy in Salvation Burger's downtime opening her new UWS eatery White Gold. The buzzed-about new eatery—which got early attention for their take on the Chopped Cheese sandwich—will be supplying the ground beef to Salvation, which in turn is making all of the breads, cheese and condiments in-house.