If you aren't hip to all the memes—or at least the ones that Leonardo DiCaprio has a cameo in—then it's possible that you have no idea who Salt Bae is. And you probably don't care that he's in New York City now:

When you see #saltbae in the city!

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Panpa burada da karşımda #newyork #Nusret #manhattan # #timessquare #saltbae

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Salt Bae is actually Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, an internet-famous meat sensualist, whose videos of his theatrical interactions with beef and salt now have many imitators. He's opening a restaurant in New York, apparently in Midtown Manhattan, and was spotted there earlier:

#saltbae #nyc

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He told one person "he's opening a restaurant here in the next 5 months."

He did make it to see another chef: Jean-Georges Vongerichten Instagrammed a picture:

#thankyou for your #visit @nusr_et #saltbae #welcome to #nyc

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And this is what Salt Bae does when he makes a hamburger:

Kobe burger 🍔#salt #saltlife #saltbae

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