If you're a classic Jewish deli food fan, watch out for all the MealMart Kosher Broiled Chicken Livers floating around out there—they're probably infected with salmonella. First smoked salmon, now this—are no appetizings safe in this world?

Schreiber Processing Corporation, based in Maspeth, is recalling their kosher broiled chicken livers after 56 people around the city were infected with salmonella from undercooked livers. (12 of those 56 wound up in the hospital.) Salmonella was also detected in the chopped liver prepared from said broiled livers. The Health Department has posted a list [pdf] of establishments carrying the livers, which consist mainly of Jewish delis and caterers, plus a few retirement homes.

"Even though they are labeled as “broiled” and may appear cooked chicken livers from this manufacturer are not thoroughly cooked and should not be eaten unless they are cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit," reads a press release from the Health Department. Authorities tracked down Schreiber after noticing a pattern of people reporting that they ate kosher broiled chicken livers or chopped liver before getting sick. So maybe just stick to Russ & Daughters from now on, okay?