The Salad In A Mason Jar Movement is strong on Pinterest

Yesterday SFist asked if The Mason Jar Salad Movement was a real thing—in return, we asked how this didn't originate in Brooklyn, where the mascot is a mason jar filled with artisanal mayonnaise. No matter what coast this originated on, after a long inner-battle, we have decided to be PRO mason jar salads. Sure, you will probably have to deal with the burden of bringing a bowl to the office to transfer it into at lunch time, and you may be judged by co-workers who view your mason jar packaging as too hip or precious, but at least your salad won't be soggy. After you procure some large mason jars, remember these crucial layering tips:

  • Dressing, or more liquified ingredients, go on the bottom.
  • Next comes the heavy ingredients: quinoa, chickpeas, lentils, cauliflower, pasta, onions, cucumber, etc. (Keep in mind, this layer will probably get submerged in the dressing.)
  • Up next are the greens—arugula, kale, butterhead lettuce, whatever your stomach desires!
  • On top of that comes the croutons, seeds, nuts, hard-boiled eggs, tofu.
  • Need more color? Top it off with edible flowers and/or fruits.

And don't stop at salads, you can even put oatmeal in there! It's liberating, isn't it?