Congratulations, New Yorkers! Our steady diet of fried bologna sandwiches and snack food tacos has not only made us sick but also created a tiny army of junk food-craving ants. NYC's gastronomic influence cannot be denied!

A study published by the Royal Society discovered that the presence of a certain type of carbon common in human junk food was also unnaturally high in certain species of urban-dwelling ants. Pavement ants—exactly what it sounds like—in Manhattan had increased levels of this human fast food isotopes than their park- and country-dwelling cousins. "Species in traffic islands used human resources more than park species," the study discovered.

"Human foods clearly make up a significant portion of the diet in urban species," according to author Clint Penick. "These are the ants eating our garbage, and this may explain why pavement ants are able to achieve such large populations in cities." You hear that? Fast food will ensure that our very special ants never go extinct. Maybe that should be the angle for Big Fast Foods next publicity stunt.