You sad, bro?

The Dark Knight Rises isn't coming to the big screen until July, but the blockbuster's advertising tie-ins are already in full swing. As you can see, Batman is now peddling Mountain Dew, after Warner Bros. and PepsiCo formed an evil alliance that have the caped crusader trapped in an ad campaign. But it's their in-store displays that have the Dark Knight looking super bummed out—just look at him, slouched over and defeated, staring into an extreme can of his own Dewy despair.

This actually isn't the first time Batman has been used as a pawn in this Big Soda game—here's a 1989 commercial for PepsiCo's rival, Coca-Cola:

But there was a much more innocent time when the superhero only hawked his own goods, like this awesome Bat Coder, with "fold up antenna, alarm button and danger signal."

[iWatchStuff via PopCandy]