Remember last month, when McDonald's landed itself in some hot water over allegations that their egg supplier horribly mistreated the chickens responsible for Egg McMuffins? The fast-food giant dropped the producer, Sparboe Farms, right quick, but for some celebrities, that just isn't enough. A completely random assortment of celebrities, including Ryan Gosling, Zooey Deschanel, Steve-O and Alicia Silverstone have signed a letter from Mercy for Animals to McDonald's CEO Jim Skinner asking the chain to adopt stricter animal welfare policies, like they already have in place in Europe. The tagline? "I'm Hatin' It."

Gosling, for his part, is not a vegetarian but has signed off on similar letters in the past (and been the subject of an inspired Drive-thru parody), Zooey Deschanel is a former vegan, Alicia Silverstone has a well-documented vegan lifestyle, and Steve-O...well, we're really not sure why he's on this, since this is the man who once swallowed a live goldfish. While it remains unclear exactly what affect the letter will have on McDonald's policies, the rise of the "Hey Girl, Put Down That McMuffin" Tumblr is virtually guaranteed.