Mars Bar is dead...long live Mars Bar? When it was first announced that the legendary punk bar on Second Avenue was closing its doors to make way for new condos (with the option to return in the new building) most of us figured that was just happy talk and that once the bar closed that would be it. But rumors are now swirling over on EVG that owner Hank Penza is readying to reopen in a new space in...a matter of months?

Grieve doesn't have much to go on other than rumors (which we have not been able to confirm), but he's heard from multiple sources that Penza is readying to open a new bar in the next few months somewhere within five blocks of Mars. He may even have already gotten a liquor license, they say, though we haven't spotted any transfers that would make sense on the SLA agendas for either Community Boards 2 or 3, where such a bar would be located.

When we walked by yesterday afternoon the exterior of the late bar was being used as the backdrop for a model-filled photo shoot (and not for the first time). So don't be surprised when the you see the bar in September fashion issues. Meanwhile, if you want to get all your Mars Bar nostalgia going (aside: really) you will most definitely want to check out this epic set on flickr. It keeps going and going, but is worth the time.