121608rub.jpgOur favorite Coney Island Boardwalk joint, Ruby's Bar & Grill, might not survive to see another summer! Kinetic Carnival reports they have yet to receive a lease for the 2009 season, whereas last year they had already been given a renewal by August. The indispensable dive bar's demise was portended back in May, when the floor collapsed beneath a man using their bathroom, causing him to fall ten feet into the basement. The fact that he fell into a rat infestation didn't help the situation, and Ruby's was closed the following day by a health inspector. There are currently no negotiations with landlord Thor Equities, and it's unclear whether other Coney Island staples like Steve's Grill House and Cha Cha's will also go the way of Astroland. Some fear that this year's Polar Bear Day Party at Ruby's may end up being their last hurrah.