2005_11_food_turkey.jpgWhether you want to go out:
* Manhattan User's Guide
* Open Table
* New York Magazine
* Strong Buzz

Order in:
* New York Magazine
* Fresh Direct

Cook yourself:
* Epicurious

Or can't decide:
* Citysearch

There's a Thanksgiving roundup for you. Gothamist is heading off to spend the holiday with family, and we're bummed that we're not getting to town early enough to help with cooking for the big day. We will, however, be in charge of getting creative with the leftovers, which we always enjoy. Let us know if you're eating out, cooking, or ordering in -- we want the full report. And feel free to share links to some of your favorite T-day recipes -- we're a huge fan of this green bean and caramelized onion recipe from Bon Appetit.

photo from epicurious.com