Fare thee well, overpriced pleasures of hotel living—the New York Hilton Midtown, the city's biggest hotel is killing its room service operation this summer, switching it out for an a la carte cafeteria instead. So if you're planning to spend $14 on a plate of french fries on your next staycation, well, you're just going to have to go downstairs and get it yourself, you lazy bum.

The Hilton's room service will deliver its last silver bell-encased meal in August, whereupon it will be replaced with a grab-and-go restaurant called Herb n' Kitchen. And the midtown hotel's not the first of its kind to do away with fancy breakfast in bed, though cutting the service will also kill about 55 jobs; DIY room service popped up in NYC a few years ago, the Hilton Hawaiian Village got rid of room service last year, and New York hotel the Hudson's been serving meals in brown paper bags, a move inspired by the Public hotel in Chicago.

Apparently, room service hasn't just been snaking money from travelers' wallets; it's a waste of cash for hotels, too. "I don't think anyone makes a profit on room service because of its labor costs," John Fox, senior vice president of PKF Consulting, told Crain's New York. "I'm sure all the big hotels will be looking at what Hilton is doing." Then again, if room service is gone forever, who will feed Keanu Reeves?