BBQ is messy stuff, we can all agree. Which is why most of us, when dining on 'que, like to roll up our sleeves and maybe even make a napkin into a good old fashioned bib. But not GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, it seems!

Romney's body man Garret Jackson went and tweeted the above picture of the aftermath of one of Mitt's barbecue adventures. And we agree, it does seem that the former Governor "managed to get more BBQ on him than he ate." More impressive than the stain on his wrist is the one on his gut, which looks suspiciously like he's got a leaking colostomy bag... But good job keeping that tie fresh and clean!

Anyway, next time Mitt? Napkins are your friend. And no one will judge you for using downmarket paper napkins instead of linen! [Via Buzzfeed]