You can't mess with the perfection of Roll-N-Roaster, the Sheepshead Bay restaurant that's been slinging superior roast beef sandwiches on Emmons Avenue for over 40 years. But this summer, they're changing up their game a bit, debuting a new outdoor window for on-the-go sandwiches, hot dogs and lemons ices.

"After numerous trips to the Amalfi Coast where they make the most natural and delicious lemon ice in the world, my husband, Mr. RnR, Buddy Lamonica, decided to offer his own delicious version to his RnR customers (homemade and totally natural with just lemons, sugar and water)," Joan Lamonica told us via email. "This led to a new vision for a small, un-used space in front of Roll-N-Roaster. Why not a lemon ice stand!"

(courtesy Roll-N-Roaster)

The lemon ice stand will serve both lemon and orange ices ($2.95), grilled hot dogs ($2.95) and a roast beef panini ($5.95), a pressed version of their classic roast beef sandwich double dipped in their savory beef jus. These are all new menu items for the stalwart restaurant, which is also entering the digital age with a mobile app for online ordering and paying.

Roll-N-Roaster is a destination unto itself, but it's also a very convenient stop on a bike ride to the beach. In acknowledgement, the restaurant will give any cyclist a free bottle of water if they stop by—but only if they're wearing a helmet, of course.