Cheap, portable, and tasty foods are every New Yorker's gastronomic best friend. Add Elizabeth Ting's ingenious bing to the roster, originally sold at Unique Pastry in Queens and now at her new outpost Roll and Doughon W. 3rd & 6th, and you have a winning dinner for the road.

The doughy pockets are stuffed with savory or sweet fillings, grilled flat, and studded with a coat of sesame seeds. Meat-and-veggie options like spicy pork, chicken, mustard greens, and lotus root offer a neatly packaged savory snack and for those with a sweet tooth, taro, banana, and red bean fillings are up for grabs. At $1.50 - $1.95 per pastry, there is room for more than one bing, or Roll and Dough offers dumplings (steamed or fried) and soups, for those seeking an alternative. Perfect for a late afternoon bite, casual dinner, or snack on the run, Roll and Dough is the newest variation of delicious foods-in-pockets (arepas, tacos, samosas), a category that doesn't mind the addition.

photos by roboppy on flickr.

Roll and Dough is located at 135 W. 3rd St., nr. Sixth Ave. 212-253-2871