Newark "Rock Star Mayor" Cory Booker is putting his Twitter feed where his mouth is. Or something. After an online argument, the popular Garden State politician appears to be getting ready to eat, for at least a week, as if he were on food stamps. But starting after Thanksgiving, of course.

It all began when Booker tweeted a Plutarch quote ("An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics") which led to an argument with user @MWadNC who said that "nutrition is not a responsibility of the government." Next thing you know:

Since then the mayor has gone on to enlist the University of Bridgeport to send him the details for their SNAP Food Challenge and judge. That challenge, which is running from December 2-8, asks participants to spend no more than $35 on all their food and drinks for the week—that is $1.66 per meal—without accepting free food from family, friends or coworkers.

Since getting started on the idea Booker—who will totally shovel your driveway if you ask nicely—hasn't let it go. He has said he will start after Thanksgiving and is open to going longer than a week. After all, "millions of employed hard working people do it everyday."

Booker's famous Twitter feed is about to get even more interesting. Just don't expect any bacon porn.