The East Village mourned when longtime dive Odessa Bar shuttered in 2013. The bar is gone, yes, but many parts of it live on in The Black Rose, the rock-n-roll replacement that opens in the space this evening. New owners Joseph Daniele and Robert Payne went to great lengths to preserve many of the bar's features, most notably the signature red vinyl booths. But the repurposing doesn't stop there. Look closely and you'll notice some chandeliers are actually former rooftop exhaust vents and the backyard bench used to be the stove hood in the kitchen.

When they took over the lease a few years back, the owners spent nearly 10 hours removing layers of built-up wall to reveal the brick beneath. Same goes for the drop ceiling, which revealed lovely original tin once it was removed. Former church doors converted into window shutters and an antique artichoke press fashioned into a bottle holder further the reclaimed vibe, and both vintage and contemporary posters of rock idols drive home the bar's theme.

The rock motif continues on the cocktail menu, with specialty drinks named after classic rock anthems like Hells Bells (Del Maguey Vida Mezcal, lime, agave, celery bitters) and Personal Jesus (Death's Door Gin, lavender syrup, lime, lavender bitters). Perfect for summer sipping is the This Is Love, an accidentally vegan pina colada made with Goslings Rum, Pineapple Juice and Coconut Milk.

117 Avenue A

The Black Rose Cocktail Menu