Rocco's 22nd Street

Gothamist doesn't think news of angry investors of Rocco DiSpirito's restaurant, Rocco's on 22nd, is surprising. What's surprising is that it took them so long to figure it out. Jeffrey Chodorow and his China Grill Management group filed a law suit against DiSpirito, stating, "The Restaurant, under DiSpirito's management, has not been the financial or critical success that the CG parties expected. The quality of the food and service has been widely criticized." Additionally, Rocco's has lost over $600,000 according to the lawsuit; again, the only surprise might be "Only $600,000?" It seemed there might need to be a petty cash fund for diners' future doctor visits.


The lawsuit also notes how Rocco (the person) "spent insufficient time on the food and service at the restaurant and has not devoted the time and effort needed to operate the restaurant in a financially responsible manner," a nod to his growing endorsement clout, although this lawsuit doesn't do much for his OPEN connection. Rocco DiSpirito counters that he's refrained from suing Chodorow for months, claiming he "chose the wrong business partner."

Mama DiSpririto, a word of advice: After you spank Rocco, you should go out on your own, opening a tiny shop that serves early dinner and that's it.

Gothamist can't wait to see if Chodorow is featured in the second season of Rocco's, which will air this spring. Rocco did receive two stars form the Times today, but for Union Pacific. Pretty much anything Rocco and Restaurant related is here on Gothamist.