The knives are out! Finally, reviews of Rocco's from the Times' Williams Grimes (well, a Diner's Journal review, not a starred review) and Daily News' Pascale Le Draoulec. Grimes calls the menu an "Italian-American hit parade with feeling" and overall finds the place "very straightforward, two-fisted and uncomplicated," wondering "why on earth did they have all that trouble on opening night?" Le Draoulec loves the rabbit cacciatore and "alarmingly tender" chicken under a brick, but feels "the food doesn't always taste inspired," and posits "surely that will change when DiSpirito finally stops chatting with the talk show hosts and returns to the kitchen."

And as Gothamist is always working the original content angle, we'll be hustling to bring you an interview with kitchen manager John next week. (Yes, John the kitchen manager who said he was a "badass" and was dealing with rat poop and seems like one of the few competent people actually working at Rocco's.)

Gothamist on the premiere of The Restaurant, some operational problems Rocco's had, and the casting process.