Even rainy weather can't stop citywide Pride Weekend celebrations, thanks in large part to the magnificent outpouring of joy stemming from yesterday's SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage. And to further fete Pride, beloved Bay Ridge bakery Robicelli's has whipped up some specials reportedly inspired by the favorite desserts of gay icons.

As first reported by Grub Street, the bakery's offering five specialty treats. First up is Cher's Parfait, a $5 cannoli-cream mouse topped with crushed chocolate-chip cookies and cannoli pieces.

Then there's Judy Garland's Milk & Cake Special, which'll run you $7 for a thick slice of chocolate cake and comes with a glass of milk. Sir Elton John's favorite dessert is apparently a decadent Grilled Cheese, which for $6 comes on cinnamon raisin bread and is made with marscapone and grilled pairs.

A $5 Madonna Tart is comprised of a lemon tart topped with lychee rasberry salad. And Barbra Streisand is celebrated with coffee "ice cream" dotted with crushed-up pretzels—Robicelli's says the recipe comes from Babs herself.

Stop by for the specials tomorrow, and expect your dessert to be paired with a celebratory Robyn and Spice Girls soundtrack.