Riviera Cafe, the sports bar located in the wedge of land between 7th Avenue and West 4th and West 10th Streets, is closing.

Steve Certell, the Cafe's general manager for about the past 25 years, confirmed the news to Gothamist this afternoon. "Things open, things close," he summed up.

"We've outlasted tens of thousands of restaurants in New York, we've had a successful run and now we're closing," he replied when asked why the Cafe would end its run, noting the bar has been around for 48 years. He declined to offer a more specific explanation.

Jeremiah's Vanishing New York, which first reported the closure, cited a Facebook post by longtime nightlife columnist Michael Musto that announced the closure. "It has long been an essential part of a West Village jaunt en route to Marie's, Pieces, Hangar Bar and Rockbar," Musto wrote. "I pray some generic shithole doesn't go up, or worse a high rise."

The Riviera is a noted Red Sox haunt (don't judge) and, as Jeremiah's notes, has a colorful history in the New York City music industry.

The bar's final day will be August 31st.