Looks like a community battle is brewing between the River Cafe and local civic groups. The chic Dumbo restaurant now wants a cabaret license to allow live music and dancing, while locals fear "the restaurant won't kick concession revenues toward the under-funded, long-delayed Brooklyn Bridge Park project next door," the Post reports

Eater points out that the 33-year old restaurant now pays $5,536 a month in rent, which is the upside of signing a sweetheart lease in a "desolate" area when it's practically abandoned. But less than a year ago, when River Cafe was in a tiff with the Brooklyn Bridge Park project, we noted that their rent was only $1,667 a month. It turns out even sweetheart leases don't stay sweethearts forever. Maybe that's why they decided after nearly 9 months to sue for $3 million over the waterfall installation project? At least we can be comforted knowing that, although so many things in this world are confusing and ever shifting in perception, the River Cafe prix fixe menu is still $98, and the tasting menu $125, same as a year ago.