Television viewers of a certain age will remember the Riunite commercials touting the sparkling wine's wonderful quality of being "so nice" while "on ice" (see below), thanks to a catchy song. Now, Media Decoder reports its parent company Banfi Vintners is rebooting the brand, "This time chasing digitally adept younger women. Its new slogan: 'Just Chill.'" We don't know—doesn't seem young enough. Why not "OMG Just Chill"?

Banfi Vinters' marketing and communications director Mark Lyle explained that the new branding is supposed to make wine attractive in "a friendly, unpretentious way... As much as wine has grown over the last 15 to 20 years, there still continues to be folks who come into wine 25 and older who aren’t quite ready for an aged Brunello." Yeah, those folks are too young to remember the Bartles and Jaymes ads, too. Media Decoder adds:

Unlike the “On Ice, So Nice” campaign, the “Just Chill” campaign will not be on television. The campaign strategy, which reaches consumers on other devices, includes a Web site where women can learn more about the wines, watch short videos, and play a question game called Chill Chatter. The game is meant to “inspire juicy conversation” with questions like, “Would you rather be overweight and pretty or skinny and ugly?”

The videos show 20-something women sitting on a rooftop, talking about dating and updating their Facebook statuses and, of course, drinking wine.

Wait, they're not talking about skiing AND drinking?