Beloved, one of the loveliest bars in Greenpoint, has closed after three years in business.

Free Williamsburg spotted the following sign from the owners announcing Beloved's closure, posted to the bar's door:

Farewell. Beloved closed its doors for the last time on Sunday, 8/30. Thank you to all of you who have supported us with your patronage and friendships. The last three years have been an incredible journey, and though our clubhouse is no more, the friendships and family we built here will last our lifetimes. Thank you all so much. We are Beloved family.

Beloved opened on Manhattan Avenue in May 2012, and though it wasn't around for long, the bar drummed up a loyal clientele drawn to its delectable cocktails (only $7 during happy hour), genial bartenders, weekend dance fests, and decidedly chill backyard. It's a bummer to see it go. Words fail. But at least I now have an opening sentence for my "Why I'm Leaving New York" essay.