Yelp favorite Rikers Island reportedly had to dump 14,000 rotten, sewage-smelling Jamaican beef patties after cooks got nauseous while preparing them. Which is unfortunate, because a good Jamaican beef patty can really bring people together.

"It was like the sewage. We didn't realize until we started cooking it," a jail chef told the Daily News. The Corrections Department says the meat was worth $4,100, but the News claims to have "internal documents" putting the number closer to $11,000, which still sounds like a a bargain for 14,000 patties. A Corrections Department spokeswoman said, "The meat was not spoiled, but as it could not be properly cooked, the patties could not be served to inmates." She added that some of the meat was trashed, and some of it was returned to Robbins Sales, a wholesale canned food firm in Long Island.

A Robbins spokesman denied any wrongdoing, but did promise to reimburse the city. As for the patty-deprived inmates, looks like they'll just have to save up for that Cup 'O Noodles, after all.