P39-F1.jpgIt’s official. We found it – the ridiculously delicious wine of the week. The bar was set high. It had to be crisp and refreshing and the perfect accoutrement to a warm summer evening. The Belondrade y Lurton Rueda, a Spanish white wine made from the verdejo grape, is dangerously tasty – and luckily for us, pretty affordable at under $30 a bottle.

What we loved about this wine are the layers of flavors. Made from 20 – 30 year old vines the concentration of fruit was intense and the fermentation in French oak barrels added a richness and depth to the profile. On the nose are aromas of lime, citrus and minerality with a hint of oak. On the palate is a honeyed spice note that keeps all taste buds fully engaged and lingers with flavors of citrus and minerality. It reminds us of a Sauvignon blanc with just a little more body.

This is a wine we will be keeping near by. It’s as close to the perfect summer wine as we’ve tasted thus far. Pick up some baguettes, grab some cheese and make yourself a fun little picnic with this wine. We’re sure you’ll like it, if you’re into delicious.