Brooklyn continues to creep in to Queens by way of Ridgewood, and the latest installation comes in the form of a bar from Adam Collison, who owns The Bounty in Greenpoint and The Drink in Williamsburg. Collison's new bar, called Bierleichen, will be located at 582 Seneca Avenue, just a few blocks from the Seneca M stop.

Currently that strip is filled will 99-cent shops, bodegas, liquor stores, and other storefronts that have been there before the NY Times was hyping the neighborhood—it wouldn't be totally out there to say Seneca, with its convenient subway stop, will become Ridgewood's Bedford Avenue one day. It's also in walking distance from the L, if you don't mind a 10 minute walk.

The bar, the first of its gentrified kind on the street, will be a German-influenced spot (a direct strike at the beloved and nearby Gottscheer Hall?), and Collison told the Village Voice that they'll offer sausages (including either vegetarian or vegan selections), house-made pretzels, and Sauerbraten for lunch and dinner (though they also plan to add a brunch at some point, of course).

As for beverages, he told them, "We have access to really unusual apple wines and other things like that, but we have to test the market." He'll also offer sparkling lemonade—"Germans love sparkling lemonade. It's a cultural phenomenon." Okay.

They plan to open sometime in the next month.