According to a new Gallup poll, the number of Americans who drink alcohol is at its highest point since 1985. But of those 67% who say they enjoy boozing it up a bit, a majority are college graduates and/or make over $75K a year. So, using statistics to our advantage, this must mean that drinking more will make you smart and rich! This calls for a toast!

The poll also tracks drinking habits based on religion. About 75% of participants who drink say they attend church "seldom or never," and 80% who drink say they adhere to a non-Christian religion, or are Atheist or Agnostic. Fewer of those who attend church weekly, make less than $20K and have just a high school education say they drink. The poll shows that women prefer wine over beer, men prefer beer over wine, and though beer is the preferred drink across the country, those on the coasts are more likely to drink wine than those in the Midwest.

Somewhat surprisingly, Americans seem to drink less when the economy is bad. In 1939, at the end of the Great Depression, when only 58% of Americans said they drank. And during the 90s, at a time of relative economic stability, the number hovered in the mid-60s. You heard it here, folks; drink more and the recession will be over.