Ramps have been showing up all over NYC's menus again, but thankfully chefs have started to get more creative with the seasonal item. No longer are we just seeing a single charred ramp placed over a steak, or ramps mixed in with spaghetti... scroll down and get ready to make some reservations—these unique ramps dishes are being served around NYC right now.

Fried Pickled Ramps at Betony's

We're even seeing the pickled option taken a step further... behold: Betony's Fried Pickled Ramps. These were introduced to the West 57th Street establishment's menu last week—they’re $10 and will be available until the end of ramps season (for the next month or so), and are served with a yogurt sauce that’s infused with Aleppo pepper.

Ramp-age A Trois at Do or Dine

Speaking of pickled ramps, Justin Warner at Do or Dine has included that preparation in his RAMP-AGE A TROIS. For $10 you'll get your ramps pickled, fried, AND pestoed. Warner told us, "We will serve this until we can no longer procure the ramps... the stems are pickled in Knotwood vinegar from Japan, the roots are dusted in rice flour and fried, and the leaves are pestoed out on those little mozzarella balls. It's basically a few ramps cut in to their various parts, prepared as individuals and then glued back together with mozzarella."

Ramps & Raclette at French Louie

Over at French Louie, they're offering Ramps & Raclette: grilled ramps, torn bread croutons baked to order, salt, a touch of lemon juice and raclette (which is a melted cheese). It's $9 and serves two as a side.

Flowers, ramps and crab at Cafe Saks

Cafe Saks Fifth Avenue isn't just for the UES ladies who lunch, right? They're also getting in on the ramps game, serving up a Chesapeake Bay-style Crab Cake with Ramp Gribiche and Flowering Chives. It's $16 and truly beautiful.

Grilled ramps at Oceana

Oceana has a couple of options for your ramps fix: a Hudson Valley Foie Gras Terrine with braised pineapple, Meyer lemon jam, and pickled ramps for $22. And a much more simple dish for the purists: grilled ramps a la carte for $11, served with a side of classic romesco.