You guys, did you know that restaurant empire-builders like Danny Meyer and Daniel Boulud expect borderline-ridiculous things from their employees? Are you in any way, even slightly, surprised? Allow Page Six to pull back the velvet curtain from before your sheltered eyes!

For example: Meyers wants his staffers to imagine that they're "floating across the room like swans on a glistening pond," Keith McNally forbids servers from touching their hair while on the clock, waitresses at Jean George Vongerichten's Spice Market must wear large gold earrings, and Boulud watches his staff with secret hidden cameras, which takes micromanagement to a new, disturbing level.

Anyhow, this isn't exactly a new concept—part of the reason people go out to eat is to escape into a world of swan-filled fantasy, where your willowy waitress genuinely thinks of you as an attractive potential mate. Other lesser-known employee mandates include: all Taavo Somer employees must maintain luscious beards, all South Williamsburg waitresses must glance at you with withering disdain, and all Puddin' employees must drop the last letter from their name to maximize preciousness.