The Doughnut Project's continuing mission to expand the parameters of the doughnut universe continues with their latest batch of speciality yeast treats, which are inspired by founders Troy Neal and Leslie Polizzotto's favorite restaurant dishes. The "Restaurant Series" doughnuts will be weekend specials at their small West Village shop, with a different doughnut available each week for six weeks.

"We chose dishes that when we were out eating them, we thought, 'Wow...this would make a great doughnut!'" Polizzotto told us. "Every so often you come across a dish where the flavors work so well together that the dish becomes memorable." So far, the team has announced plans for the first three special doughnuts.

First up (January 20th - 22nd): a doughnut inspired by a dish of Chef Ryan Bartlow at Quality Eats, where thick slabs of Nueske's bacon are grilled and rested on a peanut butter bed and topped with jalapeno jelly. Translated into pastry you get a jalapeno and apple filled doughnut with peanut butter glaze with Nueske bacon topping.

Next (January 27th - 29th), a doughnut riff on the Kabocha Squash, Grilled Grapes, Arugula and Capers dish by Chef Michael Anthony at Gramercy Tavern, which was turned into a squash filled doughnut with a grilled green grape glaze with a fried caper topping. And finally (February 10th - 12th), pasta turned pastry with a tomato jam filled doughnut with olive oil glaze and pecorino cheese with a guanciale topping, a nod to Chef Robert Zwirz's Bucatini All'Amatriciana at Lupa.

Mario Batali, who co-owns Lupa, was so smitten with the homage that he requested a mini version of the doughnut to be offered on the restaurant's dessert menu.

Doughnuts cost between $4.25 - $5.75—and look hearty enough to make a meal out of them.