The NYC restaurant business sure is rough: the critics are heartless, the profit margin is tight, the overhead is crushing. And then you've got international oil conglomerates and the Department of Transportation breathing down your neck. East Village restaurant Mara's Homemade has just announced its closing, and in a farewell email, the Cajun eatery explains that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the bike lane on First Avenue put them out of business:

It's with great sadness to inform you that our lease expired over a year ago. We accepted a short term lease to give us time to re-locate or negotiate a longer term with our current landlord. Since that time, the BP explosion took place, bike lanes were installed on First and Second Avenues which reduced parking and the signs of future property tax increases have occurred. In addition, our landlord has insisted he WILL raise the rent. We can no longer afford to stay in this location. We have not been able to find an affordable location in NYC at this time.

Janette SADIST-KHAN strikes again! It's getting so you can't run a business in this town without the DOT or the GOD squeezing the life out of you. And don't even get Mara's started on the Japan tsunami, the Middle East unrest, or the last season of Weeds—to say nothing of those lousy Knicks!