If you were thinking about a fun afternoon at the Bohemian Beer Garden in Queens, think again, sucka! Joey in Astoria says the line has been around the block for the last few weekends:

It looks to me like those good ole relaxing days down at the beer garden just might be over. There has been talk for the past couple of years of how the crowd has been getting more and more "manhattan-ish" or even "hipster-ish". Sadly I have now witnessed it, whatever you want to call the invasion!

I have been staying away purposely because of stories of gold lamee purses and skinny jean wearing androgynous peeps seen on line, but this past weekend a friend decided to have his birthday there. Apparently he and the main gaggle of friends got there before lines started- when things still had a semblance of the way they used to be a long long time ago...

Here's a prediction: in ten years there will be no restaurants or bars or luxury supermarkets-- just endless lines snaking around the city. People will define themselves by the kinds of lines they stand in, and New York will be rechristened as the "Conga Capital of the World."