East Village haunt Coyote Ugly, described by one disappointed Yelp reviewer as "not what it looks like in the movie," was gutted last week and will reopen tomorrow, mercifully. But what will become of the wall of bras, collected over the years from liberated college co-eds and shimmied off from beneath Fireball-soaked "Bachelorette" sashes?

"They're in a garbage bag," a worker named Joe informed us when we visited the site today. Two garbage bags, to be specific, which were stowed in the manager's locked office, you know, for safe-keeping, can't just have a bunch of rubberneckers manhandling the wall bras, which, if you've never been, hang from behind the bar like poultry hangs in the windows of Chinatown meat markets.

Will handfuls of dirty, dangling bras clash with the new renovations? Nah, said Joe. "The owner wants to keep the place pretty beat up," he said, noting that special care was taken to paint around old stickers and install even older flooring, made of reclaimed wood from the 1800s. The bras, which another worker named Tyson insisted don't smell but are still "gross," would be lovingly rehung before the bar's Grand Reopening tomorrow night. Wear your sexiest Department of Health inspector uniform and prepare to party.

Reporting by Jeva Lange, h/t EV Grieve)