qbq.jpgIn case you haven't heard yet or forgot to buy your tickets, tonight from 6-10 is the Gothamist-A Hamburger Today QBQ BBQ (quality before quantity) at Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City. While tickets are no longer on sale online, you can head over to the beach to buy your tickets.

We'll be serving up four famous burgers from around the country: The Guber Burger (1/4 lb burger with melted peanut butter), The Butter Burger (1/4 lb burger topped with butter), The Green Chile Burger (1/4 lb burger topped with...green chilies), and The Motz Burger (1/4 lb burger topped with Schnack Sauce).

And don't worry about the threat of rain because there's a tent with room for all! More details about the event are here.