It's Thanksgiving, a day to engage in constructive political debates with your relatives who keep forwarding you, uh, "news articles," and decide whether this is the year you'll finally enjoy pumpkin pie. The last Thursday of November has also become the time when firefighters beg us to please, dear God, safely deep-fry our turkeys.

With deep-fried turkey enthusiasts bragging about how moist the turkeys get (and how it only takes 40 minutes to cook), Americans have increasingly embraced the trend. For the FDNY, the bottom line is don't fry them inside and keep it away from flammable materials and the building (more tips here):

The deep-fried turkey phenomenon has sparked an annual tradition of firefighters telling us what not to do, with wild videos:

Another tenet of deep-frying turkey safety is KEEP THE KIDS AWAY. Which has now inspired this subgenre of videos:

It'll all be fine.

Happy eating!