Relish is a delicious condiment perfect for hot dogs. But throwing knives and brass knuckles are not easy on the stomach! This week the Port Authority arrested a pair in a Heinz relish truck for weapons possession—and boy, were there a lot of weapons.

According the Post, the tractor-trailer was pulled over near the George Washington Bridge for having a cracked windshield on Tuesday. Then it turned out that the driver, Charles Givens, didn't have a valid license, so the PA cops searched him "and his co-driver, Brunus Pinson, 56, of Myrtle Beach, who had a suspended South Carolina license." They "allegedly found enough knives on [Pinson's] body to re-enact 'West Side Story,' including four large folding knives, three throwing knives, a boxcutter, a hunting knife and a pocket knife."

All told, Pinson had 11 knives and a set of brass knuckles on him, while Givens had one knife. Cops also found "a collection of 14 knives, another set of brass knuckles, and two pairs of nunchucks." The police source made the obligatory bad joke, "You have these two guys who have an affection for knives — and it looks like they weren’t using them to spread the relish!"