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Part of dating is getting out there and experiencing things together, whether it's happy hour with your friends, checking out a new club, or the ever-popular dinner and a movie. But once in a while, it's worth it to keep the fun at home. Here are three reasons to gather your supplies and kick back at the house.

1. It Saves Money

You know how it goes: you're just going out for a casual meal and soon enough, there's your tab. $14 cocktails, $10 appetizers, $50 wine, $23 entrees, tax, tip—and treating yourself to that $9 caramel pot de crème, of course—and it's enough to swear off eating out forever. Stay at home and all you really need to complement your meal is some modestly-priced wine and good company; the rest takes care of itself.

2. It's More Intimate

We refuse to believe that wanting to hear your date is a sign of getting old—it's just better that way! Maybe the music is too loud, the waiter is a little too attentive, or, even worse, your table is right on top of another couple, dooming you to listen to their date while you try to enjoy yours. At home it's all about being alone, but that doesn't mean you can't create the ambience you want in a night out. Dim the lights, put on some music, set the table, and it's everything you want without any of the interruptions.

3. It's Easier Than Ever to Make a Chef-Quality Meal at Home

Whatever you do with the rest of the evening, you have to set the scene with a romantic meal. Plated is a service that's making it easier than ever to cook high-quality dishes without all the stress. Just choose from the upcoming menu and your package arrives on your chosen day with fresh, seasonal ingredients, each pre-portioned and ready for prep. Follow instructions on the crystal-clear recipe card while you take advantage of photos and tips for plating as beautifully as your favorite date-night bistro. The best part? You get to skip the grocery checkout line and spend more time on what's important: connecting with your partner just the way you want to.

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