Smaller-sized disposable cans of carbonated corn syrup water will arrive in NYC next week!!! The 7.5 oz Coca-Cola Mini, which has 50 fewer calories than your fat grandpa's boring old 140-calorie 12 ounce can, was celebrated yesterday by children, parents, and The Radio City Rockettes, who taught families a 90-second, "mini" dance routine on the legendary Radio City Music Hall stage. According to a corporate press release pasted on Popsop, the event was emceed by "award-winning journalist" Laurin Sydney, who said, "[Dancing] is something families can do together or people can do alone, and it not only burns calories but it generates joy." Guess what else generates joy!

"Christmas Spectacular and Coca-Cola are part of the American holiday tradition," said Caren Pasquale Seckler, assistant vice president of Coca-Cola brand and trademark strategy. "Families getting together and having fun through movement and dancing with the world-famous Rockettes is a perfect way to introduce the joy and uplift associated with our newest family member, the Coca-Cola Mini." Verily, the new Coca-Cola Mini is pure happiness in a can! And it comes eight to a pack, so you can drain all eight and still ingest 120 fewer calories than a sixer of 12 ounce Coke!

Behold out a photo of the glorious new mini cans below; they'll be gracing shelves in NYC and DC next week. And we thought the year of carbonated milk couldn't get any better.