Exercise: bad for your marriage, great for your drinking problem! It's looking like hitting up the treadmill for a few hours each week has health benefits that include eliminating an increased cancer risk for people who drink alcohol. Time to take up Crunning.

An observational study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that exercising the recommended 150 minutes per week "appeared to wipe off completely" the increased cancer death risk that's associated with alcohol consumption. "Similar physical activity also offset the increased risk of all-cause mortality linked to drinking," according to CNN. "Exercising more provided slightly better results."

The study tracked individuals classified as "hazardous" drinkers; women who drank between 8 and 20 alcoholic beverages and men who drank 21 to 49 per week. Unfortunately, those who drank more than that did not see the same benefits from exercise.

As the study's an "observational" one that did not take into account factors like other lifestyle choices and medications, researchers can only "suggest a relationship" between alcohol and exercise. But it's not like exercise doesn't have a million other benefits so employ your preferred method of physical activity and maybe chug a few cups of coffee for good measure.