Matilda Ledger, daughter of actress Michelle Williams and the late actor Heath Ledger, is just like us. In that she shops at Fairway. Ledger was spotted with Williams' boyfriend, Jason Segel, walking in Red Hook (outside of Hope and Anchor on Van Brunt it seems) after getting some food at Fairway (there is that cafe!).

Williams and Segel are reportedly "totally in love" and Segel supposedly wants to be a "father figure" to Matilda. Even Suri's Burn Book approves Matilda being cared for by Jason Segel, saying about another photograph, "It unfortunately appears that Jason Segel has a large collection of horrible checkered shirts, but this picture is the most wonderful thing I’ve seen since the Downton Abbey finale. Matilda Ledger, you win today. Even if you’re wearing flip-flops. We’ll talk."