We’re pissed. After setting the date on our schedule for an excursion out to the Red Hook Ball fields this Saturday to sample some of the famous Mexican stalls, word comes from Porkchop Express that the opening has been postponed until May 5th. Apparently from the official Food Vendors Committee of Red Hook Park: ...administrative issues beyond our control have forced us to push this date to May 5th. We are very excited to set-up shop (or rather... shacks!) and begin our season as soon as possible.

What to do for the last week until ball fields come? We’ve got a hankering for Mexican food, and not many ideas. The first place that came to mind was Alma, the ascended restaurant that looks over the New York harbor and loves to charge accordingly. But we didn’t have the money to spend on such fancy fare, and wanted something a little closer to ground level. Red Hook used to have a really authentic mom and pop place called El Huipil, which while not quite as ethereal as the ball fields, had sturdy mole and posole. Unfortunately, it closed a couple of months ago, leaving the winter fallow for any tasty Mexican dishes in the area.


If you venture further out there are a few options. The Original California Taqueria on Court Street can make some passable tacos, as does Chicory. Try the delicious fish tacos. We’ll also vouch for Pacifico. They also have an outdoor garden, which would be very nice today. Almost as nice as milling around the stalls eating enormous burritos in the sun watching soccer. Did we mention we’re bitter? Are we missing any ones around the area?

187 Columbia Street
(718) 643-5400

The Original California Taqueria
187 Court Street
(718) 624-7498

243 Degraw St
(718) 797-2121

269 Pacific St
(718) 935-9090