Meticulously designed high-concept bars are a dime a dozen in Williamsburg these days. But newcomer Reclamation, which opened off the Graham Ave L stop earlier this month, is shaping up to be a beautiful addition to the rest of the hipster-meets-yupster drinking holes, bringing more old-meets-new-world saloon style to the 'hood.

As the name suggests, the Metropolitan Avenue bar was almost exclusively designed using salvaged and reclaimed materials, including antique door frames and chandeliers swiped from demolition sites and a pine-wood bar built using boards taken from a barn upstate. Hardly revolutionary, but the result here is pretty appealing, with crackled paint walls, a wooden-slatted ceiling and stained glass details that made the bar look like it's been submerged underwater with the Titanic for a few decades.

The bar offers a gamut of locally-sourced and imported spirits, wines and beers, with the average drink hovering around the $8 mark. They also plan to offer daily recommended classic cocktails, with current suggestions including Old Fashioneds, Negronis and Sazeracs. Best of all, they're teaming up with one of our favorite local cheese purveyors, Campbell Cheese & Grocery, to serve up bar bites like panini, cheese and charcuterie plates; try the The Dawnini ($10), made with Paris ham, sopressata, provolone piccante, red onion, mustard and mayo on a baguette, or the vegetarian Grilled Cheese and Romesco sandwich, made with Danish havarti, Pasamontes manchego, red repper-almond dipping sauce and arugula on sourdough. They've also got some 20 seats in a patio out back, which will come in handy in better weather.

Reclamation Bar is located at 817 Metropolitan Ave between Bushwick and Orient Aves in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-387-5178, Follow them on Facebook.