Sweetbread Ochazuke; Photo - Danielle Sucher

Ochazuke is a Japanese dish comprised of rice and various toppings (often leftovers) served as a soup with green tea poured over it. It makes a wonderfully simple breakfast.

This recipe makes delectable use of sweetbreads, which are the thymus gland, not the brain; though they do look pretty brain-like. They are almost too rich on their own, absolutely luscious, and it helps to have something a bit sharper to cut them with. Here, the green tea and wasabi create the refreshing counterpoint to the richness of the sweetbreads. Peruse the recipe after the jump.

Soak sweetbreads in cold water overnight (changing the waters a few times if you get the chance). Place in a pot of cold water with a bit of lemon juice and bring to a boil, then shock in cold water immediately. Clean off all membrane and fat, thereby separating it out into little nodules.

Salt and pepper the nodules. Pan-fry in safflower oil until lovely and browned (what Fergus Henderson refers to as "nutty nodules").

Set up a bowl with cooked rice. Stir some Japanese rice seasoning (mostly bonito flakes, bits of seaweed, and sesame seeds; we tend to refer to it as "fish food" to the point where it is filed under 'F' in our spice cabinet). Place some sweetbreads on top.

Pour green tea over the whole thing, and stir in a bit of wasabi to taste.

Shopping Guide: You can find sweetbreads at Ottamanelli's on Bleecker Street just off of 7th Avenue in Manhattan. You can find Japanese rice seasoning at any supermarket in Chinatown.