Last week, former Real Housewife of New York Bethenny Frankel was in hot water over the inclusion of sodium benzoate, a potentially toxic preservative, in her patented, "all-natural" Skinnygirl Margarita science experiment drink. And you do not mess with a calorie-deprived Skinnygirl! Frankel posted a defensive explanation on her website today, writing:

We would not sell anything that I don’t personally drink. I’m a natural foods chef and health is a top priority for me and my family. The Skinnygirl Margarita is made with natural ingredients and its label is consistent with U.S. federal regulations, which is why it is carried in stores nationwide and continues to fly off the shelves. I built my brand on trust and honesty. I don’t take lightly obvious attempts to put my integrity in question. I will always answer your questions and concerns directly and truthfully.

She's also been busy tweeting up a storm of not-so-subtle self-promotion, and reveling in the suspiciously glowing comments from her fans ("I stop reading if I read anything that has the slightest slant of negativity towards Bethenny. I have so much respect for her and Jason too."). Perhaps it's time to put the margaritas to rest and focus on Frankel's next carefully planned publicity stunt: she recently announced that she's raising her baby as a strict vegetarian.